If you plan on remodeling or renovating your home, adding innovative smart solutions can make it more practical, comfortable, and beautiful.

Though home security is often an afterthought for most, those who consider it at the start of their renovation project can benefit better with the seamless integration of devices and technology into the design. It is also more cost-effective.

Let us see how you can integrate a smart security system into your home renovation to make your home truly a haven.

CCTV & Security Cameras

When away from home, security cameras help keep a tab on the activities taking place inside and outside the place from your phone. Most security cameras have a motion-activated function which means they record when motion is detected and send you an alert. Some are designed to record all the time.

Wireless security cameras transmit surveillance footage via Wi-Fi to a server. Camouflaging security cameras discreetly into your home’s entryways and busy areas can help protect it without startling visitors or making family members feel uncomfortable. Thinking about a CCTV at the beginning of a makeover allows you to keep wires out of sight. It also helps install cameras at the most effective spots, and simplify connections.

Door & Window Security

When you are refurbishing doors and windows, you can invest in a security bar that adds a solid layer of protection. These bars protect against burglars and intruders trying to break in through the windows or doors. You should also consider installing sensors for door and window entry, movement, smoke and carbon monoxide, flooding, and broken glass.

When an alarm panel is connected to a home automation system, you receive an alert on your mobile device whenever any door or window is accessed. You can also automatically turn on the house lights or flash them repeatedly to alert neighbors. Smart locks are another great option that lets you and your family members access the house or rooms with codes and ditch keys for better security.

Garden and Outdoor Security

Consider outdoor security cameras to keep an eye on the garage, shed, and other outbuilding areas; they could cover your garden and driveways, too. The latest security systems feature motion detection for automatic recording and come with night vision and HD resolution to ensure you always have a clear view.

The garage is an area that contains some of our valuables and provides access to the house through a single entrance, making it attractive for break-ins. You can opt for smart garage control, whereby you can remotely access the area.

Notifications alert you if the door is left open or if it opened in your absence. You can shut the garage door automatically from your phone regardless of location and contact authorities if you think it intruded.

The Final Verdict

You can integrate several devices and technologies into your home during the renovation process.
The key is understanding your personal needs and preferences to think about ways to embed smart security solutions into your place to make life safer and more comfortable.
If you’re still unsure about proceeding, engaging the services of experienced professionals like Smart Squad Security can come in handy. Contact us today for more information!