According to the US Fire Administration, residential is the leading property type for fire deaths (72.2%), fire injuries (76.4%), and fire dollar loss (46.4%). In other words, minimizing the risk of residential fire should be every homeowner’s priority.

This is where smart home solutions such as Smart Squad Security can help.

Read on to know how smart technology can help keep your home safe from hazardous, life-threatening fires.

How Can Smart Devices Help?

  • Smart devices can intelligently detect a fire in your home.
  • Smart home solutions work on the principle of proactive prevention.
  • Smart devices offer the ultra-useful ‘alert’ feature, where homeowners can get alerted about a fire on their mobile at the touch of a button—even if you’re miles away from home!

Smart smoke detectors can be added to keep you in the know.

Traditional smoke detectors are a thing of the past. Today, more and more homeowners are looking to install smart smoke detectors that can easily:

  • Send real-time alerts to your mobile when they detect smoke.
  • Notify the authorities if they’re a part of the home security system.
  • Be linked to the rest of your home, such as your home security cameras, for instance, to make it easy to detect fires with better visual aid.
  • You can use smart plugs to turn off appliances remotely.

As per data, an electrical malfunction is responsible for 6.9% of fires. If you’re frequently away from home and tend to forget whether or not you switched off the stove or not, a smart plug can turn out to be a life savior. After all, appliances that generate tremendous amounts of heat can potentially be life-threatening and fire-causing.

Here’s how smart plugs work: You will need to use a smart plug to install appliances of choice. Then you can simply switch off the power of your devices with a smartphone at the click of a button, whether you’re at home or in the office.

This product is particularly useful if you frequently use hair straighteners, iron, etc.

  • Kitchen fires? Smart stovetops to the rescue!

If you think electrical malfunctioning is the biggest fire contributor, think again. Research by the U.S. Fire Department suggests that a staggering 50.2% of fires start in the kitchen!

To prevent this from happening, invest in a smart stovetop which comes with built-in heat and motion sensors. If the appliance doesn’t sense the presence of a person in the kitchen for a preset time (generally 15 minutes), the device shuts off the stovetop automatically.

Moreover, this smart device can detect a stark rise in heat/temperature and shut off the stove to prevent a fire.

To Sum it Up

When it comes to keeping your home safe from fires, exercising caution is key. Plus, homeowners should aim to build a ‘smart hub’—complete with connected smart plugs, smart smoke alarms, smart batteries, and other devices.

Get in touch with us at Smart Squad Security. We can install your smart security system immediately and provide customized options before the need arises!