According to the latest estimates, 810,400 vehicles stolen were stolen in 2020 with a cost totaling over $7 billion. In fact, reports suggest that thefts are becoming ‘smarter’ each year, and can access cars even without a key. They’re leveraging newer forms of technology to access cars instantly which drives theft. This is why having a central locking system in your car is critical.

Why it’s Important to Keep Your Car Doors Locked and Security Systems On

  • Always keep the car doors locked to prevent ‘opportunity’ thefts: One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent theft is to keep the car doors and windows locked.
  • Use the central locking system: Using the central locking system ensures the car’s safety. The driver can easily lock all the doors, making sure that the children in the back seat are safe.
  • Install the right kind of car safety devices: Car safety is important to avoid instances of theft. You can get car alarms, immobilizing car anti-theft devices, and a car tracker installed (either GPS or OBD), which augments your car’s safety. It not only offers peace of mind but also allows you to track the car’s movements in case someone steals it. You will also get real-time, useful notifications about the vehicle in case of any suspicious activity. This kind of data-driven proactiveness can eventually save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Ideally, install at least two or three-car locking features to ensure 360-degree safety and security.

Not knowing the intricacies of your car’s locking system can become an issue. Occasionally remote locking buttons on your key fob will not lock all of the doors with a single press. Even though the car will give a beep that might make you think the doors are locked, sometimes it will only be the driver’s door that is locked, or sometimes no doors at all.

Having a dedicated security system can alleviate this issue by ensuring that the car alarm is working even if the doors aren’t locked. Other features include cars that automatically lock and unlock when the keyfob is near the car; this makes the whole process much easier, and much safer.

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