If you’re going on vacation, you should arm your security system so you can keep an eye on things. Sadly, burglaries happen more often when homes with a security system aren’t armed. Over one million burglaries happen every year in the US—most of them in vacant houses. 

With a smart security system, however, you won’t have to worry and can enjoy your vacation in peace. Keep your home safe while traveling with these smart security systems!

Home Automation

Using home automation to keep your home secure while away is one of the best ways to protect your home. You can set the system to alert you if anyone opens a door or enters your home using an access code and view your home cameras from anywhere. You can even have the lights and appliances turned on and off according to your schedules to mimic an occupied house. 

You can connect security cameras, lock doors, turn up the temperature, and even receive text alerts while you’re away. With home automation, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your home again while you’re away with your loved ones.

Smart Locks

While traveling, it’s essential to check on your home regularly. Leaving spare keys outside is a common way burglars enter homes. Smart locks allow you to set a code that only a trusted friend or neighbor has to enter your home.

A smart lock can improve security by replacing the traditional key with a GPS. This makes it easy to enter your home even when you’re away, such as if you’re on vacation. Some smart locks also allow you to designate permanent and guest users, monitoring who’s visiting your home from your smartphone. They’re a smart choice for travelers who need peace of mind with home security but don’t want to spend too much time and money putting their property in jeopardy.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras and other advanced security systems can help keep your property safe even while you’re away. These cameras can also send you activity alerts on your smartphone or other web-enabled devices.

A motion-detecting camera is a great way to protect your home when you’re away. It records video clips when the camera loses cell coverage so you can review them later. This video can also be helpful if someone breaks in when you’re gone and can be shared with the police for further investigation.

A dependable and smart security system can protect your house from any intruders and robbers. If you’re planning on leaving your home for a bit, why not leave it in capable hands? Get in touch with Smart Squad Security today to give your home the protection it deserves! Schedule a consultation today!