It’s no secret that online shopping is incredibly convenient. With just a few clicks, you can have everything you need delivered right to your door—including groceries, holiday gifts, and tonight’s dinner. Global retail eCommerce sales amounted to over 4 trillion dollars (USD) in 2020, with sales expected to grow to over 5 trillion by 2022!

Unfortunately, some individuals are taking the convenience of online shopping a little too far. As online shopping increases, package theft has significantly increased as well, with so-called ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages that have been delivered while the homeowner is away. In a survey of 2000 homeowners, 43% had a package stolen in 2020 (compared to 36% in 2019) and 61% knew someone who also had a package stolen.

Here are some tips on how to keep your packages safe and reduce theft.

Install a Doorbell Camera

While video recording will not directly prevent theft, it’s often enough to deter would-be thieves from approaching your home. At least 50% of homeowners have installed a doorbell camera as a means of reducing package theft.

A doorbell camera will alert you if there is movement outside your home, providing you with a real-time feed of any activity in the camera’s viewing area. The video recording can also be used when filing a police report or making a failed delivery claim if package theft does occur.

Store Your Packages in a Secure Space

Boxes sitting on your front step are a dead giveaway to potential thieves. In fact, many porch pirates wander or drive through neighborhoods specifically looking for unattended packages. Add a request in the delivery instructions and have the driver leave your packages in a more secure or hidden location, such as your backyard. Secure storage boxes are another popular option—just don’t forget to give them the code!

Send Your Packages to an Alternate Location

Staying home on a day when you’re expecting a delivery is an effective way to reduce the risk of theft, but it’s not always realistic. Consider having your packages delivered to an alternate location, such as your workplace, a friend/relative’s house, or to a nearby pick-up center for the business. You can also request for a signature to be required for deliveries. If the driver cannot reach you at home, they will take your package back to the delivery center so you can pick it up later.

Shop In-Store Instead of Online

We can’t deny that online shopping is incredibly convenient, but if package theft is common in your neighborhood, it may be better to purchase high-ticket items in-store rather than online. Curbside or in-store pick-up is another great option, combining the convenience of shopping online with the security of picking up the items yourself.

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